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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Midnight Moon by Marilee Brothers - Review

The Trimarks are planning an invasion. And the only thing standing in their way is Allie and the moonstone . All Allie wants is a normal life - friends, boys, school dances. Right. Like that's going to happen.
In two weeks, during the summer solstice, Allie's going to face the biggest challenge of her life, fighting against time to save the world from a Trimark invasion. You'd think the world of weird might leave her alone to plan how she's going to survive. But nothing in Allie's world is simple or easy, especially when she's attacked by Trimarks trying to steal the moonstone. Then Sammie disappears into the faery world of Boundless, and Allie must follow and bring her home, only to find the fairy queen, Luminata, isn't about to let Allie leave. So, what's a girl with magical powers supposed to do?
Fortunately, she has a team to help her, a team with special talents of their own.

I had a lot of fun reading this book. The only problem is I liked it so much that I have to go back and read all of them now. :) The characters are real and have real life things to do and real life problems to deal with, along with saving the world. As if a girl didn't have enough to do in one day. I also really liked the humor and exchanges between them. Silly things happen in life and they do in this book too. This is the last book in the series and I will be reading all of them. 
5 stars for me


Sammie and I climbed out of the car. I looked back and forth between Teagan and Ryker. Which faery should I talk to first? It was such a strange thought I almost laughed.
Sammie had no such problem. She headed straight for Ryker. I trailed behind. We edged around the Escalade. The tinted windows were shut tight. The motor was running. I heard the air conditioning running. Geez, if whoever was inside was fae, it seemed like he/she/it could figure out a way to stay cool using magic instead of gasoline.
As we passed by, Teagan saluted and flashed his jagged, toothy grin. “Little miss and wee faery. Brian Cassidy requests the pleasure of your company.”
Sammie said, “Tell him to take a number,” and walked right past him.
I paused. “Who’s Brian Cassidy?”
Teagan scowled. “Your uncle, that’s who, older brother to your grandfather, Kyle Cassidy. He needs to speak to you about an important matter.”
“Older brother to my grandfather?” I repeated. “Wow, he must be at least a hundred years old.”
Teagan smirked, “You are mistaken by several hundred years, but no matter.”
 “We’ll be back in a minute,” I said, hurrying after Sammie.
Maybe it wasn’t such a dilemma after all. Think about it. The choice was between my decrepit faery uncle with an agenda, and a hot-looking faery dude, also with an agenda. The only problem was, they were probably at odds with each other and I was the common denominator. I reminded myself to proceed with caution. Faeries were tricky. They promised you the moon and stars, but it could cost you an arm and a leg. Really.
Ryker tucked the hawk feather behind one ear and sprang to his feet. His pale blue gaze swept over Sammie and then lingered on me. He reached out a hand. “Princess Avalon. It’s been too long. Boundless is not the same without you.”
 In Boundless, I’m called Princess Avalon. It’s something to do with the moonstone, the prophecy and the magical Isle of Avalon. Avalon means apple and I live smack dab in the middle of an apple orchard. It all makes sense in a weird, convoluted way.

A former teacher, coach and school counselor, Marilee lives in Washington State and writes full time. Her books include Castle Ladyslipper, a medieval romance, The Rock and Roll Queen of Bedlam, winner of the 2010 Booksellers Best award for romantic suspense, Moonstone, Moon Rise, Moon Spun, Shadow Moon, and Midnight Moon. Marilee is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. 


·       Website  www.marileebrothers.com,
·       Facebook  www.facebook.com/marilee.author
·       Twitter  @marileeb
·       Goodreads  http://www.goodreads.com/MarileeB
B & N http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/midnight-moon-marilee-brothers/1114013730?ean=9781611942194

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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