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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My Mom

I've been really missing my Mom a lot lately, so I'm going to use this blog as a way to vent some of that. 
Our mom was never one you could pull anything on. No matter how well you thought you covered your tracks she always knew what you were up to. I can remember the summer when I was sixteen and mom had taken in my friend Tammy. (Mom was always taking people in) Tammy and I were at a party. I came home ‘cause I didn't want to be grounded AGAIN. She went down to where the party was, picked Tammy up over her shoulder and carried her out to the car to bring her home. No yelling no fuss, just making sure her girls were safe. We had each grabbed a few beers and stuffed them in our purses before we left. Next thing I knew Mom and Dad came into our room, sit on the floor, and reached under the bed for a couple of the beers that we thought we had hidden. So much for that idea. Mom always knows. We had a great little party on the bedroom floor with lots of laughs and pranks. 

I received this message on Facebook from my childhood friend Mindy - Hey my dear friend, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Please accept our sincere condolences. Your mother was such a nice lady and she had a sense of humor and a great smile. You just knew she was a happy go lucky lady with a warm heart; it was a pleasure to have met her and to know her. All my Love to the family... 

That's just who mom was and no one who ever met her forgot her. It's been many years since Mindy and I have hung out but Mom and her lessons have lived on for everyone. There were many times when friends of mine would come over (at all hours of the day or night) and mom would say "Miranda's not here right now." "That's ok, I came to see you" was the usual response. She would put on the kettle make them a tea and just listen, in that way that she had.

The memories of mom are endless. 

When we were very small she had these giant pillows that she had made herself and the most fun thing in the world was when Mom would lie on the floor and flip us up over her head so we would land on the pillows. I don't know where she got the energy ‘cause we could never get enough of it.
Sitting on the bed every night when we were little and reading to us from the picture bible.(on the top bunk)
Her training our Newfey dog Bear Cub - so patient with him. And Consuello riding him like a horse - Her giant pony dog.

As we got older our games changed a bit. Consuello got a job at a bar and decided one night that she was going to take mom drinking, and drink her under the table. At the end of the evening she was very drunk, out a lot of money and mom was the one taking her home.

Her love certainly didn't stop at her friends, children, and grandchildren but also to her great grandchildren. Kaidynce was saying how much fun it was to go to the store on the scooter with mom driving and herself standing in front. The day the battery died was even funnier.

Mother also had her own language, which I find myself using from time to time. (boy do I get funny looks for that) Most things in her world were referred to as a thingy - an elephant was an eferdent, a house was a ouse, and you couldn't go anywhere without an umberdoodle. (That's an umbrella for those of you who are wondering) "Don't forget your umberdoodle it might rain later." 

Our Mother was a sweet and gentle soul and anyone who ever met her knew that. She always wore her heart on her sleeve and was never fake about anything. You always knew just how she felt about everything and everyone. She was there for all of us even when we didn't deserve it and excepted everyone just as they were. No one could ever have a better sister, Mother, Grandmother or friend. I really hope that we can live up to that and carry on in her way. 

It is my belief that she found peace at last with her Creator, and that thought is what will help us get through the experience of losing our mentor, our model, our mom.

Thank you mom for all that you taught and making our future, your legacy. 

This is what I wrote to say at my Mother's funeral. Strangely it is one of the best things I have ever written. Lessson learned from that: don't over think, just write what is in your heart.

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