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Saturday, 17 November 2012

If Your Child Thinks Books Are Boring

1. Get silly.
Most kids are silly. Get books that will crack your kids up – no matter what age, gender, or interest. (Funny books listed in the last chapter of Book Love.)

2. Get social.
Start a parent-child book club of your own. Gender and grade specific book clubs usually work best because of reading level and interest.

3. Get geeky.
Kids love technology. Use that love to develop a love for reading, too. Read on a Kindle, Nook, iPad, or the computer. All have selections of good electronic books (e-books) for kids. (E-books books listed in the last chapter of Book Love.)

4. Get graphic novels.
Graphic novels (full-length comic-style stories) don’t deserve the lack of reading status they’ve been given. They very much count as reading. Why not encourage it your kids to try one?

5. Get book bucks.
Give your child money to spend on books – either at the bookstore or at a yard sale. With young children, instead of money, give them a book buck worth one book of any price.
Printable Book Love Book Bucks.

6. Get movies.
Want to see the movie? Read the book first. Or vice-versa. But usually the book beats the movie hands-down.

7. Get cozy.
Make an enticing place for your child to curl up with a good book. Use your spaces and imagination. With your child’s help, designate a tent, corner, or closet for his reading nook.

Your goal is to get your child to LOVE stories. Keep trying. Find out what motivates your child to move beyond “books are boring”

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