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Friday, 21 September 2012

Just one of those days

We've all had them. That day when you should have just gone back to bed and stayed there. Today was mine.

So I couldn't sleep most of the night. I kept Scott up too. I was having terrible nightmares. When I did finally get firmly into the land of nod it was around sunrise. So of course I woke up 20 minuets before I was to be at an appointment that's 30 minuets away. No time for a shower. Pull my hair into a ponytail and reach for whatever clothes I had on yesterday. Oops that's not going to work. The dog pissed on the pants I had on last night. Okay. Grab the first thing I can find. Ah my favorite skirt, that works. My mother would have had a fit over me not wearing a slip under it.  Now where are my car keys. Oh and the paperwork I'm supposed to take into town with me.

I get out to the car only to find that someone had broken into it and has stolen my coffee money that was in there for today! My coffee money! How dare they? I now have 10 minuets to get to the appointment. Oh look they've gone through everything. What else is missing? Shit! I left my wallet in here! Ok breath. I'll call and cancel my thing in town then call the cops. Oh that's right my cell phone is dead and my charger was in the car. Now it's missing as well. I don't have a landline or another charger. GREAT!
So into town I go. I'm 10 minuets late. I go in and tell them that I won't be able to make it. "Sorry. Another time?" No problem. I use the phone while I'm there and call the Police. They will send someone out this afternoon to do a report.

So off I go to the MTO. I still have my last drivers medical in my car. Good at least I know my drivers license number. Fill out this, this and one of these. No problem. "That will be $10 dollars." "I don't have $10 my wallet was just stolen." The blank stare from the girl behind the counter tells me I'm not getting anywhere on this one.

Next it's off to the Service Canada office. We don't want any identity fraud. Now I have to report that my SIN card is gone too. (SSN to my American friends.) Another $10 for that one, but as long as you have the # memorized you don't need it right away. Well that's something at least.

Next stop is the bank. I need to cancel my debit card and get a new one. "Do you have any ID?" "No my wallet just got stolen." "Well how are we to know who you are?" My right eye is starting to twitch now. The look on my face must have told him that it's really me. More forms to fill out and I'm all set there.

My next stop was a good one. No not the beer store. I went into the Bell store and asked them if they had a charger for my ancient technology (5 year old) phone. They do. Wow and they gave it to me for nothing!!!!
I guess they can't sell them anymore. See you guys! I told you I don't need a new one.

Back home now. Scott is outside cleaning up the patio. (He's so sweet) "Hii Hunny. How are you?" "I'm going to kill someone." He very quickly steps back from me. (Smart and sweet) I go inside and put on a pot of coffee. I still haven't had one yet. :( It's now 2pm. :(

Call the OPP. (State troopers) Scott continues to stay out of my way. I did mention that he's smart right? He comes over around 3 and takes my hand leads me to the bedroom and tucks me in. "You're tired. Why don't you get some rest?" See sweet too.

The cop comes around 4pm, takes a statement. That's it. Sorry about your luck.

So I did what any sane (stop laughing) person would do. I went back to bed!

We are having a little celebration tonight. It's Scott's one year anniversary of being sober. Of course I didn't get the sparkling apple juice that I wanted when I was in town today, but some ginger ale will do. Dinner will be ready soon. I can now start my day off right. :)

Congratulations Baby. I'm so very proud of you.


  1. I babe love the post, and like I always say I'm just a simple guy. Just want you to be happy and content. It my honor to be your man, and your worth every moment. Ty for the wonderful meal, it was delirious. I hope that your feeling better now and that tomorrow is a new day. A fresh start, i am very grateful to have such a supportive partner.
    Its also nice to have my first "Birthday" with you! I would not want it any other way. Your wonderful.

    PS: I love you even when your having a melt down!

    Your man: Scott

    1. See I told you he's sweet. He can't spell but he's sweet.